Wildcat Lunch

As of 10/11/2017


IMPORTANT: Ordering instructions have changed - please read flyer thoroughly.

Walden Lunch Ordering Info

To order you need:

  1. Your child(ren)'s teacher name,
  2. Go to the KIDDOS www.kiddoscatering.com/WALDEN
  3. Create a new account. (must create new one every year.)  


Lunch is offered 5 days a week

Orders need to be checked out by Wednesday at noon for the following week.  

Walden Menu 2017-18



There are no peanut or tree nuts in any of our menu entrees. The packaged sides that accompany the entrees do not contain peanuts or tree nuts either, however some may be processed in plants that process peanuts and tree nuts. The restaurants we use are not peanut or tree nut free. Our restaurants take great care to prevent cross contamination and many of them do not even have peanuts or tree nuts in the restaurant, however, since they are not peanut or tree nut free, we cannot guarantee that it cannot occur. This is an optional lunch program and it is up to each family to make an individual decision based on their individual needs. We recommend contacting the restaurants directly to answer any allergy questions you may have and we are happy to provide all the contact information should you need it. Gluten Free Offerings may not always include gluten free sides. If you have questions, please email kiddos catering.


Questions about ordering/food?

Contact Kiddos Catering directly at support@kiddoscatering.com
Or call 773-360-8081  9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday


Lunch Volunteer Sign-up webpage